Submarine Base Defender

Hello everyone!

My name is James otherwise known as ExplodingEmber or just Ember. I have recently started to develop video games! I know right crazy isn't it! So recently me and two others decided we'd make a game, I was the programmer Mitch the graphic designer and Matthew the audio technician. The game went together to form what is know to day as "Submarine Base Defender". Throughout this blog I will explain just why you should download this game which you can get from the Google play store here:

The image above is the menu for the game. When the "Play Game" button is selected it will bring up another menu, I know, pretty crazy right?

As you can see here, the game isn't just 1 game. It's actually two games crammed into 1 there are two different modes, Defending the base where you have to defend the base against waves of enemy aliens. The second game mode is "Dodging the aliens" which is a game mode where you have to stay alive, there is no base to defend you just purely have to stay alive.

Defend the Base!

 These two screenshots show you some of the game play from Defend the base, as you can see on the left there is a base which you have to defend against waves of aliens, there are three different types of aliens which you will get to see more of as you progress through the game there is a tank alien and a fast alien but more will be added later on through the games life cycle.

Dodge the Aliens

This screenshot is of the game Dodge the aliens game mode as you can see the player is fighting to survive as long as possible and yes all three alien ships come from the get go in this game mode so if you want to experience them without going through all the hard work of getting to wave 20 then head over to Dodge the aliens.


The game currently features two things in the Google play games services, they are leader boards and high scores. There are leader boards for both games so you can compete with your friends to see who can get the highest scores. There are also achievements in the game but you cannot currently achieve them, a list of all achievement's will be released on this blog soon so stay tuned for more information there.

Future Updates

This isn't the end of development for this game so don't worry! There is a load more content coming to the game which I will bullet point bellow, the game is currently only available for Google Play android users but I play to get the IOS SDK as soon as possible (there may need to be a kick starter so that I can afford it but that will be announced later) I will now bullet point known future updates:

  • More power-ups in BOTH of the game modes - there is currently only 1 power up in the game which is the health regeneration in the Dodging the aliens game mode, so I want to develop more! Ideas so far include Nuke, Faster Shooting for a limited time, Shield stopping enemies damage 100% limited time, Automatic shooting for a limited time. Comment bellow any ideas for power-ups that you have
  • A shop system (don't worry NO micro transactions) that will allow you to buy upgrades for your ship with currency earned through each of the game modes, there may even also be upgrades that help you upgrade the health of the base, who knows. Comment bellow with ideas for upgrades!
  • There will be some changes to the GUI making it look nicer and may even include an actual health bar for the base and tanks but that is undecided
  • The main menu will be revamped and a credits button will eventually be added
  • Finally, we will be adding many new enemies for you to fight and also different ways you can customize your playing experience (these will be added to the shop so that you can purchase different ships and things WITH IN GAME EARNED MONEY no real life money!) so look forward to that
if there are any suggestions that you have please feel free to leave them bellow if you missed the link then click here to go to the Google play store page for the game

Have a good day and thank for you reading!

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